RWC sire Winsdown Westinghouse
# 1 Saddle & Bridle's Futurity Sire Rating (2008-2011)
# 1 ASHA Leading Sire of Futurity Winners 5 Year Span 2009-2013
# 1 Saddle Horse Report In Hand Sire 2009-2011
# 2 ASHA Leading Sire of Futurity Winners 5 Year Span 2012-2016
(Last updated 2/27/17)

Westinghouse is a third generation stallion from Winsdown Farms. He was selected to succeed his sire
WC and CH sire Winsdown Hi Octane for his wonderful temperament, great body feet and legs and a wonderful limber athletic way of going. Westinghouse survived a serious injury as a day old foal and beat the odds, showing an incredible will to live and great tolerance to pain.
Westinghouse has consistently sired colts with can do attitude great legs feet and bodies. They are limber-legged, strong and are blessed with correct conformation. They are born friendly from day one. If you are looking for a stallion with a quality old time pedigree that produces strong fun and friendly colts that are competitive both in hand and performance. Westinghouse is the stallion for you.
Winsdown Westinghouse stands to the public on farm AI or Fresh Cooled Shipped semen by Private Treaty. Lifetime LFG as long as Westinghouse stands to the public. Libral multiple mare discount.

RWC sire Winsdown Westinghouse has sired colts like RWC Winsdown Lilac Lane, current Jr. Ex. Park horse Cedar Wind's Touch of Pride (ASHA Region 10 High Points Champion), Winsdown Bridlewood current Western pleasure star, Champagne on The House current Open English Pleasure Star and Winsdown Royal Albert current 5 Gaited Country star and many more
A Sampling of Winsdown Westinghouse's foals
2011 Gelding Cedar Wind's Touch of Pride
2008 Gelding Winsdown Bridlewood
2009 Mare RWC Winsdown Lilac Lane
2012 Mare Winsdown Lady Mary
2009 Gelding Champagne On The House
2008 Gelding Winsdown Kashmir
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Winsdown Westinghouse's Pedigree overview

Westinghouse features some of the grand old stallions of our breed very close up. In an extended eight generation pedigree Westinghouse has an almost equal influence between two great stallions, a Chief stallion
WGC sire WGC Bourbon King and the influential Denmark stallion WGC sire WGC Rex Peavine (sire of BHF Edna May the dam of the great WGC sire WGC Edna May's King). There are sixteen crosses to Bourbon King and fifteen crosses to Rex Peavine. Other stallions of influence in Westinghouse's pedigree are WGC sire WC CH King's Genius (ten crosses). WGC sire WGC Edna May's King shows up nine times while RWGC Kalarama Rex shows up eight times
Westinghouse traces directly to Harrison Chief the founder of the Chief family through Pride of Ridgefield to
WGC sire RWC CH Ridgefields' Genius sired by WGC sire WC King's Genius to WGC sire WGC Bourbon King a grandson the founder Harrison Chief. Westinghouse is probably the closest to WGC sire WC CH King's Genius of any stallion standing today. King's Genius also sired RWGC sire WGC Bourbon Genius the sire of WGC sire Genius Bourbon King best known as the sire of WGC sire WGC CH Valley View Supreme. Valley View Supreme sired the famous WGC sire Supreme Sultan. Bourbon King also sired WGC sire WGC Edna May's King sire of WGC sire CH Anacacho Shamrock and WGC sire Anacacho Denmark.
WGC sire WGC Bourbon King
WGC sire WC CH King's Genius
WGC sire RWC CH Ridgefields' Genius

The mares in the pedigree of Westinghouse are impressive
There are 36 individual Broodmare Hall of Fame mares featured in the pedigree of Winsdown Westinghouse. They appear collectively eighty times in his eight generation pedigree. The beautiful gray mare WC dam BHF Princess Eugenia appears nine times in this pedigree. She is best known as the dam of the great stallion WGC sire WC CH King's Genius. She was sired by Chester Peavine a son of WGC sire WGC Rex Peavine. BHF Jane Black (dam of WGC sire Anacacho Denmark) appears five times along with BHF Nancy Thurman (dam of WGC sire Kalarama Rex. Four mares appear four times each in Westinghouse's pedigree. They are BHF Edna May, BHF Kathryn Haines, BHF Miss Madison and BHF Peavine's Pearl
WC dam BHF Princess Eugenia

WC sire Winsdown Hi Octane, the Sire of Winsdown Westinghouse
WC sire Hi Octane was one of the most successful Futurity Sires of all time. His foals were full of personality, very correct with great legs and feet. They loved to show in hand and then most went on to become long time successful show horses. Hi Octane was the number one sire on Saddle & Bridle's Sire Futurity Sire Rating from 1998 through 2007. Hi Octane was also the number one ASHA Leading Sire of Winning Futurity Get (1997-2006). In addition he was a performance ranked sire from 2004-2009 on Saddle & Bridle's Performance Sire Rating, as many of his Futurity get also went on to be performance show horses. Hi Octane is the sire of WC CH Winsdown Edgecliff, CH Ghost of Gypsy, CH Bacardi Silver, CH Emily Grey and CH Magnolia Morning to name just a few. Hi Octane was a son of Pride of Ridgefield the grand sire of WC sire WC Phi Slama Jama. Pride of Ridgefield was an own son of RWGC sire WC CH Ridgefield's Genius a son of WGC sire WC CH King's Genius.
WC sire Winsdown Hi Octane
Pride of Ridgefield
WC sire WC Phi Slama Jama

Hi Octane's third dam is Snow Spangle. Snow Spangle is the second dam of WC sire WC Phi Slama Jama and the third dam of WCC Vegas Moon and RWC It's No Wonder. This is the female family of Katherine Grey that also includes BHF A New Face dam of WCC CH Face Card, RWCC Baby Face, RWC Face Forward and WC That Special Face (dam of WC sire WC I'm First and CH Stonecroft Me First)
WCC Vegas Moon
RWC It's No Wonder
WC sire WC I'm First

The Female Family of Winsdown Westinghouse

Westinghouse is from the female family of
BHF Sally Davis. Included in this family are WC sire RWGC Prize Contender, WC CH Fury, RWC CH Sweetest Victory, CH Inflation SL, RWC dam My Shade Tree Dream 3-T and RWC Flame Thrower. Extended back Sally Davis' first dam was the good show mare Betsy Davis and her dam was another show mare Betsy Thomason. The third dam of Sally Davis was Bessall. Bessall had three daughters. In addition to Betsy Thomason was Climate (dam of show horses Supreme Irene, Carmen Miranda, Mercer's Midnight Charm and The Gentleman From Kentucky) and My Betsy the dam of the outstanding harness mare Polly Flinders.
Betsy Davis dam of BHF Sally Davis
Betsy Thomason
Polly Flinders
The dam of Westinghouse is line bred on the wonderful mare Lady Coventry, the dam of RWGC CH Kourageous Kalu and WC Lady Aflame. Lady Coventry's dam is a half sister to WGC CH Lady Jane of Crebilly. This is the female family of BHF Lena Jemison and BHF Katherine Grigsby which includes WGC sire American Born and WGC Nazimova, RWC Song of India
RWGC CH Kourageous Kalu
WC Lady Aflame
WGC CH Lady Jane of Crebilly

BHF- Broodmare Hall of Fame
CH- Saddlebred Record Champion
WGC and RWGC- World's Grand Champion and Reserve World's Grand Champion
WCC and RWCC- World's Champion of Champions and Reserve World's Champion of Champions (for Championship classes at Kentucky State Fair other than Open 5 & 3 Gaited and Fine Harness)
WC and RWC- World's Champion and Reserve World's Champion in regular classes at Kentucky State Fair
Old historical photos used are courtesy of Saddle & Bridle Magazine