Experience The Difference: Come to the farm Learn "From The Ground Up" how to become a partner with your Saddlebred. Spend a day or longer, learn the magic! Clip with no twitch, the safe way to introduce cross ties, take the mystery out of set tails and learn how that perfect tail is made. Perfect head sets, perfect mouths, engagement ...all with total control. Learn how to use respect and affection, "Honor Thy Space"- you can invade theirs, but they can not invade yours...we will teach you the magic.

    Winsdown Farms congratulates:
    Kelly Carr of Gainesville, TX who EXPERIENCED THE DIFFERENCE by breeding, raising and training her Winsdown Westinghouse colt Winsdown House Of Blues known as "Ted" on her own with the help of our 7/24 tech support to WIN the Texas LTD Stake bringing home $3,085.59 from The State Fair Of Texas Horse Show September 11, 2008. 2009 Update! Ted and Kelly win back to back Yearling Grand Championships at both the Texas and Kansas Futurities! Way to go!
    2013 Ted Update
    Ted has grown up to be a big boy. Still owned and trained by Kelly he made an appearance at NTASHA/UPHA Chapter 6/7 Fall Classic to win the Country Hunt Championship his first time showing in this division. Way to go Kelly!!

    Give us a call for rates and to set up a time to come to the farm- We guarentee we will teach you more in a 8-10 hour workday than you ever thought possible!! Become THE EXPERT Amateur Owner Trainer on your show circuit. You will get our 7/24 tech support along with a great experience!