Foal crop after foal crop, winner after winner, lifetime companions one after another.
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 The Ever Changing World Of Grey
Experience The Difference
The Remarkable Winsdown Hi Octane
Saddle & Bridle's # 1 Futurity Sire 1998-2002 and 2004-2007
Winsdown Hi Octane in 2001
Want to show in hand...Experience The Difference!
The Hi Octane's make it easy and fun! And the best part is you can do it your self, and we can highten your experience with unique hands-on farm visits with our 7/24 tech support. Just call us and we'll bounce you and your baby to the winner's circle! You can create a winning baby by breeding to Hi Octane, they do it naturaly!

Winsdown Cherade

Winsdown West End

Winsdown Rolling Rock

Winsdown Mancini

Winsdown Edgeworth

Winsdown Wilkinsburg

Winsdown Fifth Avenue


Winsdown Steel Alliance
Photos by Wright, Gilliland, Washburn, McBride, Young and Osteen