Foal crop after foal crop, winner after winner, lifetime companions one after another.Click on the years below to see all the wonderful Hi Octane foals

















 The Ever Changing World Of Grey
Experience The Difference
The Remarkable Winsdown Hi Octane
Winsdown Hi Octane as a 2-Year Old
Experience The Difference!
Hi Ocatne Colts are strong contenders in most of the traditional Saddlebred divisions. They are perfect for owners that like to be partners with their Saddlebred, and we can highten your experience with unique hands-on farm visits and 7/24 tech support. Just call us and we'll help you to the winner's circle! You can create your own Saddlebred show horse by breeding to Hi Octane, they do it naturally!
Winsdown's Dresden Doll
Winsdown Golden Triangle
CH Ghost Of Gypsy
Clever Trevor (AKA Winsdown Perrysville)
Winsdown Hazelwood
Winsdown Wilkinsburg
Photos by Shane Shiflet, Bob Moseder, Casey McBride, Howie Schatzberg, Jim Wright and Terry Young